Accompanying Spider Saloff on song “You Better Watch Yourself With That One.” 

Playing "What Is This Thing Called Love?" at the Rose Colella Jam Session at the Jazz Showcase,  August 26th, 2013.

Jim Sellers Music

"...Tatum-esque" "...evoking elements of Keith Jarrett’s solo recordings" – Chicago Jazz Magazine

“…unambiguous attack of the piano and witty arrangements...” – Jazz Institute of Chicago

Wedding gig with  Jim Cox

Playing "Sunny" with Brian Sandstrom on bass and Tim McNamara on flute at Mariano's, 2323 Capital Dr., Northbrook, IL,  March 29, 2019.

Highland Park Pumpkin Fest with Jeannie Tanner, Darren Scorza and Cory Biggerstaff

Andy's Jazz Club performance on August 18, 2019, with Keri Johnsrud

After a performance with Ty Cooper, 
​Richie Cole, Rusty Jones and Kelly Sill

Poinciana piano solo, Keri Johnsrud performance at Andy's Jazz Club, with Dan Thatcher on bass and Ben Gray on drums, 8/17/19

Accompanying Tammy McCann during a live interview from Piano Forte in Chicago, on November 12, 2014.

Red Kiva Lounge with Mike Jeffers and Geoffrey Lowe

 Marie's Pizza with Brian Sandstrom

Performing my original composition "It's All Good," broadcast on WTTW on January 1, 2016.

Jazz pianist, composer and teacher Jim Sellers breathes life into any jazz style with boundless creativity and an adherence to the genre that evokes legendary players of the past.

Sellers’ gritty and soulful blues, exciting left-hand stride styles and
poignant ballads capture his Chicago roots and never disappoint.

Chicago Jazz Magazine says, "Sellers uses his virtuosity and
eclectic knowledge to excellent effect…novel approaches and notable musical surprises."  

Jim has performed with many of today’s jazz luminaries, including trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, saxophonists Frank Catalano and Richie Cole, vocalists Tammy McCann, Hailey Tuck and Spider Saloff, and bassists Nick Schneider

and Bill Yancey.